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Weroulette is a new service still in development. Our public chat system (and random encounter system type wheel) is based on the WebRTC technology for communication, exchange, directly between two clients, without going through an intermediate server (known by the acronym P2P technology or peer to peer).
Multidevice Video Chat System

The advantage of this technology is that it allows linking real-time multi-media, multi-platform (people who are indifferently on tablet, smartphone, PC or Windows, Mac or Linux). For example, from your Android phone, you can talk with a friend who is on his computer under Windows or her iPad on iOS!

Roulette Mode

You enter a nickname, you click "Start video chat" and you are put in touch with someone randomly connected to the service.

You (or your agent) can always click on "Next Webcam" to change caller. Text chat is also available to exchange messages in writing.

If you see inappropriate behavior (nudity, insults, violence ...), a red "Report Abuse" to report the person is available below the chat input box.

Private Mode

A link that you can share is available chat footer to enter a private chat mode.

You can also go directly to the Private Mode via the top menu or directly at: Chat Privé and share the url to talk with a friend or co-worker.

Access permissions to your webcam and microphone

Upon connection, you must allow the service to access your webcam and microphone so you can chat with other users.

Acceptance buttons depend on the browser used and are generally at the top or bottom of the screen.


If the service is not working properly, make sure that you are using a compatible browser and preferably in its latest version. Make sure also to have authorized our service to access the webcam in order to disseminate. You will find below links to browsers.
From experience, Google's Chrome browser is the most efficient for our service.

Compatible browsers

From experience, the most reliable and stable is the Google Chrome browser on most platforms.
Internet Explorer does not yet support the WebRTC technology on which is based our service.

› On a computer running on Windows

You can use Chrome, Firefox or Opera

Chrome Chrome
FireFox FireFox
Opera Opera

› On a computer running on OSX

*You can use Chrome or Firefox *

Chrome Chrome
FireFox FireFox

› On Android tablet and smartphone

You can use Chrome

Chrome Chrome

› On iOS tablet and smartphone

You can use a OpenWebRTC browser

Chrome OpenWebRTC Browser


If you want to know more about the technology used

› WebRTC


› Peer to Peer



The webcam images (excluding private chat) are moderate in real time by our team to ensure a satisfactory user experience on our service.

Thank you for respecting our terms of use and report any inappropriate behavior (nudity, insults, violence, ...)

Terms and Conditions

Experience feedback

With the aim to help us improve service, thank you for giving us feedback on your experience stating clearly your system, browser and version, and the problem encountered. Thank you in advance!

Your feedback

Future Evolutions

Soon we will propose the creation of an account in order to manage your favorite contacts. Applications for Android and iOS are also being studied to notify you when a friend is online or when a friend wants to contact you.

Our new service is currently in the testing phase.

We will offer you soon the opportunity to create an account to reserve your nickname and manage your contacts.

WeRoulette's Team

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